DTA Certified Strategic Cloud Provider 

Independently IRAP Assessed To PROTECTED


OFFICIAL Data Community Environment (ODCE) designed for a user community that has classified their data at the OFFICIAL security classification level.

PROTECTED Data Community Environment (PDCE) designed for a user community that has classified their data at the PROTECTED security classification level.


AUCloud Services enable you to benefit from sovereign data protection with the scale, automation, elasticity, and lower costs typically associated with hyperscale public cloud offerings. All the services we provide and the data we manage remains in Australia ALWAYS. This includes all the  metadata, monitoring data and derived analytics etc data linked to your information. All our services are monitored and operated in Australia by Australian citizens who have been security cleared to Australian Government standards. 

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Our DaaS solution provides you with a single, powerful management console that lets you provision and manage everything from individual desktops to entire workspaces. DaaS lets you take advantage of the true power and convenience of the cloud by enabling on-demand delivery of the tools needed, when you need them.

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AUCloud’s Workspace ONE provides you with a unified endpoint management solution that enables you to manage applications, networks, and access control with ease, all in one convenient cross-platform tool hosted in our sovereign, secure, protected cloud environment.

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AUCloud Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS) is the ideal solution for workloads requiring scalability and high security. AUCloud CaaS allows you to provision Virtual Machines (VMs) using VMware vCloud Director within a sovereign Australian Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environment. 

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AUCloud Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) allows you to access dat at both OFFICIAL and PROTECTED classifications, from any device, anywhere at any time, securely using HTTPS.

Built using S3 compliant Cloudian Hyperstore, AUCloud STaaS provides S3 compatible  object storage able to function as both ‘hot’ (active) and ‘cold’ (archive) storage. 

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Suitable for on-premise environments or for cloud disaster recovery, AUCloud Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) supports OFFICIAL and PROTECTED data classifications.

With AUCloud DRaaS you can be confident that you are failing over your business services to a highly secure, performant environment that ensures minimal downtime – irrespective of if your outages are planned or unplanned.  

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AUCloud BaaS allows customers to backup AUCloud hosted VMs and provides a highky secure external backup target for your on-premise VMs and data. With AUCloud BaaS you can restore complete VMs or individual files and folders from VMs.

Depending on your disaster recovery and business continuity requirements, you should also consider the AUCloud Diaster Recovery service. You can realise significant cost savings when using both.

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Microsoft365 has become an essential tool for many Australian organisations. But did you know its your responsibility to ensure you have the right back up arrangements in place to protect your M365 data?

AUCloud Microsoft 365 Backup-as-a-Service (M365 BaaS) is a cost-effective way to provide enhanced protection of Microsoft 365 Data at the OFFICIAL and PROTECTED security levels.

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Powered by an industry-leading combination of security technology and highly skilled, security cleared analysts, AUCloud’s SOCaaS delivers more than your traditional SOC.

AUCloud SOCaaS provides continous monitoring of your data to detect, prevent, investigate and respond rapidly, to cyber threats. Potential threats are quickly identified – before they become incidents.

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