Our Partner Programme Grows Your Opportunities

Be part of a vibrant ecosystem of like-minded organisations focused on growing their cloud based business

AUCloud’s Partner Programme

As an AUCloud Partner you have access to:
  • System Integrators who offer a range of design and/or deployment services on our IaaS platform

  • Managed Service Providers who use the AUCloud platform to offer solutions to end customers

  • Independent Software Vendors who develop, test, deploy and support their services on AUCloud

  • Advisors and Consultants who provide consultancy, design and innovation advice related to cloud platforms.

Why partner with AUCloud

Four key reasons to partner with AUCloud:
  • We’ve made technology choices that ‘fit’ the market and reduce risk: We use a VMware based technology suite because it is proven and we know it is the predominant technology used across Government and their legacy systems. 

  • We don’t compete with you: We only focus on IaaS. We do not compete with our partners. 

  • Our ecosystem is ‘deep’ in expertise and ready for you to leverage: We have a critical mass of partners interested in working with you to help you scale or make your service offering more valuable to your customers.

  • We enable your Digital Transformation strategies: We enable our partners and customers to scale their digital services easily and rapidly. 

Our Partners

We are proud to have the company of all our partners.

Partner with us

If you would like to find out about being a partner, please contact us.
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