Phil Dawson
Executive Director

As Executive Director and one of the co-founders of AUCloud, Phil lives and works in Canberra having arrived from the UK in 2016. Prior to moving to Australia, he was the co-founding CEO of UKCloud, the leading provider of IaaS to UK Government. With the success of UKCloud under his belt, Phil stepped aside from UKCloud to team with a group of Australian entrepreneurs to deveolop the market for sovereign cloud in Australia.

Phil is a Board member of the ACT/Federal Council of the AIIA and has participated in both the ACSC Industry Forum on Cloud Security Guidance as well as the Federal’s Government’s Digital Technology Task Force.  Phil brings his experience of leading the fastest growing technology company in the UK between 2012-15 and as a former Board member of TechUK, a member of the UK’s Information Economy Council and as co-author of the UK’s Data Capability Strategy. 

Phil is an active contributor to Australia’s vibrant tech industry and is driven to deliver the societal gains of improved healthcare, enhanced security and wider sovereign resilience benefits that could and should accrue to the Australian public from the adoption of digital technologies.

Phil is an enthusiastic (i.e. not very good) participant in most sports and particularly enjoys rugby.  He was honoured to represent Australia in the recent Parliamentary World Cup in Japan, where the “Golden Wombats”, were unlucky to lose to the New Zealand team by a golden try in extra time of the final. 

Phil has an MBA from London Business School and a BSc(Hons) in Chemistry.