Our principles

Six core principles underpin our business, operations and customer service.

AUSTRALIAN by definition: owned, managed, and operated in Australia with ALL data and services sovereign, resident monitored and operated in Australia by Australian citizens.

ASSURED by design: engineered to PROTECTED as a minimum. IRAP certified to ASD’s ISM standards, with cyber security practices reinforced by unique, robust and enforced community rules.

ACCOUNTABLE by transparency: simple, clear competitive pricing with consistent value and no exclusive arrangements – guaranteed.

AMPLIFIED by scale: always more capacity than required. Future proofed to support reliable execution for SME SaaS through to national scale programmes

AGILE by nature: culturally responsive and commercially attuned. Ability to deploy automated elasticity in seconds. Microservice enabled, API native and adapted in an instant.

ALIGNED to community values: underpinned by behaviours that improve outcomes for all Australians. Committed to effective thought leadership and constructive disruption that delivers a stronger and more resilient Australia.