Sovereign Backup-as-a-Service for Microsoft 365 for OFFICIAL and PROTECTED data environments

Cloud services offer a range of sustainable benefits to every organisation including reduced IT costs, increased agility, speed to market and a seamless transition to remote work; all reasons why so many organisations rely on Microsoft 365 (M365) to empower team productivity and collaboration.
However, do you know if your data retention requirements extend beyond the limited native data backup offered with your Microsoft 365 deployment?
If you are in government, for example, you need a data backup, retention, and restoration solution that complies with the data security requirements of the Australian Signals Directorate’s Information Security Manual (ASD ISM).
AUCloud Microsoft 365 Backup-as-a-Service (M365 BaaS) is a holistic solution designed to support the data retention and protection needs of organisations – like yours – with high data retention compliance and security requirements.

Enhanced protection for Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 only provides basic storage and retention features out of the box. Without a dedicated backup solution, when outages and disruptions occur your organisation risks losing data.
AUCloud M365 BaaS provides a comprehensive, flexible, and cost-effective solution that meets the highest security standards of the Australian Government. For organisations with data classified at the OFFICIAL or PROTECTED levels, AUCloud M365 BaaS provides guaranteed, affordable data backup, retention, and restoration.
A Complete Backup Solution
Instead of trying to juggle M365’s multiple retention policies, AUCloud provides you with a much simpler and more comprehensive solution. In addition to protecting Teams, Exchange Online, Sharepoint and OneDrive data, M365 BaaS also maintains your Teams structure enabling a smooth, seamless restoration. Importantly, to ensure you are in control, you can manage all your backup, retention, and restoration requirements through AUCloud’s powerful portal interface.

Secure Monitoring for Sensitive Data Environments

When dealing with citizen data, security best practice is paramount. AUCloud has been specifically designed to meet the high security and data integrity requirements of the Australian Government. As well as meeting the PROTECTED controls of ASD’s ISM, we also protect our AUCloud IaaS with Cyber Security Monitoring using world class software and the specialist skills of our AUCloud Security Operations Centre (SOC). This provides additional assurance to customers and is included at no extra cost. You can also count on our sovereign data security guarantee – all data is hosted on servers within Australia. Your data will never leave Australia, and it’s always protected by Australian citizens working to mandated Australian security standards.

Fast, Efficient Backup for the Government Sector

If you lose a file or need to recover data, you can do it quickly using AUCloud M365 BaaS. Perform fast file retrievals with Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) as low as a few minutes. Retrieve files individually or in bulk. Plus, you only pay for the licensing and storage space you need, making it easy to enjoy high-level Microsoft 365 backup without pushing your IT budget.

A Complete Backup Solution


Have you recently migrated to M365, and are now investigating backup options, or is your existing solution not up to scratch?

We are now offering a free trial until 30 September 2020 of our M365 Sovereign BaaS exclusively for Government agencies to enable you to make a thorough evaluation of our capabilities.

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Empower your organisation with AUCloud Microsoft 365 Backup-as-a-Service

With M365 BaaS, your organisation benefits from total control, flexibility, and scalability of your data. You can schedule automated backups to save time; quickly recover malware or virus-infected data; and – most importantly – have confidence that you’re meeting your mandatory data retention requirements when using Microsoft 365.

It’s a complete backup solution that scales to your needs.


 Store copies of your data in AUCloud’s sovereign cloud. Schedule as many backups as you want.


You set the retention times for as long as required.


Restore files quickly through AUCloud’s user-friendly service portal.

Gain peace of mind with Backup-as-a-Service for Microsoft 365, engineered to PROTECTED for both our OFFICIAL and PROTECTED data environments. AUCloud M365 BaaS is easy-to-use, easy-to-scale, and optimised for advanced data security.

Next Steps

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