AUCloud’s dedicated IaaS for the Government

Providing guaranteed, highly secure, sovereign cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to government, to protect the data of Australians and build Australia’s sovereign resilience.

Cloud computing has graduated from a cutting-edge tech concept to something that people use daily.
Understandably, cloud adoption in the public sector has lagged the commercial sector. That said, the challenges that businesses look to the cloud to solve – scalability, increased agility, improved control, enhanced security, better management of costs – are equally applicable to the public sector.
This is the driving force behind AUCloud. Partnering with Veeam, we have purpose-built Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions that meet your heightened security requirements.
AUCloud is Australia’s sovereign cloud IaaS provider, exclusively focused on the Australian Government (Federal, State and Local) and Critical National Industry (CNI) communities.

Offering real solutions to Government

At AUCloud, we believe in providing a sovereign cloud IaaS platform that helps build Australia’s sovereign resilience. Specifically, our solutions speak directly to your security anxieties and objectives. We do not expect you to accept stock standard solutions that may not fit your diverse requirements. Instead, AUCloud works with you to deliver robust, practical solutions to support the public sector in protecting the precious data of Australian citizens. Here is a taste of what you can expect:

With contracting budgets and increasing scrutiny of spending, you need to reduce expenditure and optimise returns. AUCloud’s sovereign cloud IaaS is geared to provide this. 

Assurance your data is reliably backed up, fully secure and readily retrievable from AUCloud’s sovereign cloud IaaS. 

Concerns about where data in the cloud resides – and who has access to it – has been a barrier to many agencies contemplating a shift to cloud-based services. AUCloud is owned, managed, operated and monitored in Australia by Australian citizens, security cleared to Australian Government standards. All your services and data managed by AUCloud remain in Australia – always.

The move to remote working and the necessary development of more flexible policies has put data security for many public sector bodies at risk. AUCloud facilitates the streamlined, expedited shift that is required, alleviating your security and compliance concerns.

Guaranteed sovereign cloud-based infrastructure

How exactly is this achieved ? By adhering strictly to the following tenets of service.

All the data AUCloud handles is guaranteed to remain in Australia, on infrastructure managed by Australian citizens, ensuring complete data sovereignty at all times. This includes all data, metadata, and derived analytics data. 

Both AUCloud’s OFFICIAL and PROTECTED cloud environments are engineered to the PROTECTED controls of the Australian Signal’s Directorate’s, Information Security Manual (ISM); no additional controls or costs are required to meet the Government’s mandated security requirements. 

AUCloud uses a range of secure and reliable automation tools that reduce costs while maintaining the security and efficacy of our sovereign cloud IaaS; this enables us to deliver scalability and flexibility instantaneously to meet your needs, with you only paying for what you use. 

AUCloud demonstrates commitment to customers by deploying highly secure Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), Backup-as-a-Service for Microsoft 365 (M365 BaaS) and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) infrastructure services. The objective is twofold: to ensure operational data is always protected; and deliver confidence to Government and citizens that their data is secure and always in Australia.

Next Steps

The team at AUCloud – Australia’s sovereign cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider – is available now to assist you.

Contact our sales team lead at or +61 438 826 001