Independently IRAP Assessed To PROTECTED

to meet and exceed ACSC requirements

AUCloud Provides Two Cloud Operating Environments


OFFICIAL Data Community Environment (ODCE) designed for a user community that has classified their data at the OFFICIAL security classification level.


PROTECTED Data Community Environment (PDCE) designed for a user community that has classified their data at the PROTECTED security classification level.

Compute (CaaS)

AUCloud CaaS is an IRAP certified, sovereign solution; ideal for workloads requiring scalability and high security. 
AUCloud Compute incorporates:
  1. Secured to PROTECTED: Compute services are deployed under the umbrella of our PROTECTED certification and meet your security compliance requirements with no additional cost or effort.

  2. Control and flexibility: Build, test, run and scale your cloud infrastructure as needed, managing your environment from a highly secure self-service portal.

  3. Scalable, elastic cloud: Benefit from the scalability, automation and elasticity typically associated with global cloud offerings.

  4. Automate and orchestrate: Automate your environment via infrastructure-as-code (as an option) to improve performance and reduce overheads.


Storage (STaaS)

AUCloud STaaS provides a highly adaptable, S3 compatible storage platform that functions as both ‘hot’ (active) and ‘cold’ (archive) storage.

AUCloud Storage:
  • Secured to PROTECTED: S3 compatible storage for data at both OFFICIAL and PROTECTED classification levels.

  • Fast transfers: Node architecture allows high-speed data transfer with parallel processing of workloads.

  • Limitless scalability: Ability to scale storage to the exabyte scale without disruption to users.

  • vCloud Director Integration: Ability to provision data stores and VMs through the same interface.


Backup (BaaS)

AUCloud BaaS provides backup for AUCloud hosted VMs and is a secure external backup target for on-premise VMs and data. AUCloud BaaS supports restoration of complete VMs and individual files or folders from VMs.

AUCloud Backup:
  • Sovereign security: Enhanced protection of operational data at the OFFICIAL and PROTECTED security levels.

  • Control and flexibility: Use the feature-rich, user-friendly portal to manage backup, retention and restoration holistically, with the ability to define detailed backup policies.

  • Rapid restoration: Recovery Point Objective (RPO) as low as minutes; Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – dependent on how quickly your administrator can recover and re-instate VMs.

  • Optimised solution: Cost savings available using AUCloud BaaS with DRaaS.


Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

AUCloud DRaaS enables replication and recovery of on-premise virtual machines or entire environments to the cloud ensuring minimal downtime during planned and unplanned IT outages. The platform also allows you to simulate a disaster recovery failover to ensure all VMs are protected and environmental settings are correct.

AUCloud Disaster Recovery:
  • Sovereign security: Business continuity and data integrity with fail-over to an IRAP certified, sovereign environment that supports OFFICIAL and PROTECTED data classifications.

  • Minimal data loss: RTO and RPO as low as a few minutes.

  • Control and flexibility: Ability to manage failover and failback, set protection policies, schedules and automated tasks, then test without disruption to the production environment.

  • Optimised solution: Cost savings available using AUCloud BaaS with DRaaS


M365 Backup (M365 BaaS)

M365 data is usually covered by multiple disparate retention policies resulting in confusion and loss of data. AUCloud Microsoft 365 BaaS applies a single set of rules to cover the limitations within Microsoft 365 and provides comprehensive protection of Microsoft 365 data at the OFFICIAL and PROTECTED security levels.

Microsoft 365 Backup:
  • Sovereign security: AUCloud’s sovereign security posture with industry-leading protective security monitoring ensures the integrity of your data.

  • Control and flexibility: Manage backup, retention and restoration for Microsoft 365 mailboxes, SharePoint and OneDrive data via the user-friendly AUCloud portal.

  • Rapid restoration: Perform quick, self-service file retrievals of individual or bulk files with RTO and RPO as low as a few minutes.

The following short video demonstrates how quickly you can restore a M365 instance in AUCloud – 43 seconds.

Free M365 Backup Trial

Virtual Desktop (VDaaS)

AUCloud Virtual Desktop as a Service (VDaaS) enables your workforce to work remotely with the confidence that your applications, workloads and data are hosted in a highly secure sovereign cloud environment.

Supporting data classifications at OFFICIAL, OFFICIAL:SENSITIVE and PROTECTED, AUCloud’s VDaaS supports one hundred to several thousand users with the same level of functionality, capacity and security available in your physical office.

AUCloud VDaaS:

  • Scalable, flexible and reliable: End users can access their personalised virtual desktops or remote applications from organisation laptops, their home PCs, thin client devices, Macs, tablets, or smartphones

  • Sovereign security: No additional controls required to operate in the OFFICIAL and PROTECTED environments – enabling you to meet your own security compliance requirements without extra effort or cost

  • Flexible contracting:  Highly competitive pricing and flexible contract terms that allow scaling on request, early contract terminations and commitment discounts.

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