Manage multiple workspaces securely and with ease

Empower your employees to access the tools they need, when they need them, where they need them

As your organisation transitions to the Workplace of the Future, it’s important to find the right solution to enable a more cohesive and integrated digital workplace. For many companies today, that means a cloud-based virtual desktop (VD) solution.

But when it comes to the needs of government and Critical National Industry organisations, you can’t pick just anything. You need the ability to deliver virtual desktops and workspaces as needs change, with as little setup time and onboarding as possible. Your cyber security requirements also far exceed anyone else’s, and you need your data securely hosted on Australian soil.  

With AUCloud’s PROTECTED Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), you get all of that and more.

DESKTOP-AS-A-SERVICE future-proofed, simple and scalable

Our DaaS solution provides you with a single, powerful management console that lets you provision and manage everything from individual desktops to entire workspaces. DaaS lets you take advantage of the true power and convenience of the cloud by enabling on-demand delivery of the tools needed, when you need them.

With DaaS, you can easily create multiple workspaces, quickly customize and provision remote desktops for each user, and deliver virtualized Windows applications at scale. And you can grow and scale up what you need when required and scale back when your needs change. You also take advantage of AUCloud’s expertise and the expertise of our partners – with deep experience working with government and large organisations we undersand your requirements.

EMPOWER your workforce with AUCloud PROTECTED DaaS


By using DaaS, you’ll have the power to scale the number of desktops and applications you’re using at a moment’s notice. As your needs change, DaaS changes with you. 


DaaS provides a unified experience across devices and platforms to manage your workspace and desktop delivery. With a single management console to provision and manage multiples workspaces and applications you can reduce your IT costs.


Your virtual environment is located in an IRAP assessed to PROTECTED sovereign cloud,  hosted by a Certified Strategic cloud provider, located in a geo-resilient, Certified Strategic data centre.


DaaS gives your IT department the ability to provide support remotely, even if they’re still in the office. This reduces downtime and boosts everyone’s productivity. 


With all your team’s software and applications in one place, they’ll be more productive and able to achieve your business goals faster.

Why is DaaS right for you?


DaaS sits in AUCloud’s sovereign cloud environment.  Recognised as meeting the Australian Government’s stringent Hosting Certification Framework at the Certified Strategic level, AUCloud is one of only a small number of cloud providers globally additionally certified by VMware as a Sovereign Cloud Provider.  Your data never leaves Australia’s borders and because we are an Australian owned and operated company, you never have to worry about the risk of access to your data by a foreign jurisdiction.


We are independently IRAP-assessed under the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) Cloud Assessment and Authorisation Framework (CAAF) to the PROTECTED level controls of the Australian Signal’s Directorate (ASD) Information Security Manual (ISM).


AUCloud is the first Cloud Service Provider that has received Phase 2 “Authority to Operate” in accordance with by the ACSC’s CAAF by multiple government agencies.


We’re based locally, so you get support on the ground when you need it.

What’s the difference between virtual desktop infrastructure and Desktop-as-a-Service?

Virtual Desktop Infrastruture (VDI) solutions enable organisations to remotely host desktop operating systems on endpoint devices from a centralised server, conferring security and control.

DaaS takes the VDI model and operates the solution from cloud infrastructure. These deployments can therefore take advantage of the cost, scalability and agility advantages of cloud-based services.

One of the main blockers for organisations wishing to migrate from costly, high maintenance VDI solutions to a DaaS offering is concern about potential security risks. AUCloud addresses this by hosting DaaS in our highly secure, sovereign cloud environment that meets, in fact exceeds, the security requirements of the Government’s ISM.

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