Michelle Crouch

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Member of the Institute of Chartered Accounting (CA),

Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) – Queensland University of Technology

As Interim Chief Financial Officer, Michelle brings over 23 years of experience and has a breadth of knowledge across many areas of taxation and accounting. Michelle works closely with clients to identify and provide solutions on a range of tax compliance, accounting and commercial matters that are integral to clients’ businesses and their personal taxation and financial affairs. Michelle’s experience includes working for a range of industries such as Professional Services, Medical and Health, IT, and Consulting Businesses.

Michelle Crouch is currently employed by Pitcher Partners, who has been providing accounting, tax and financial services advice to AUCloud since inception, and will continue to provide these services until an appropriate candidate has been identified for the role of Chief Financial Officer. The Board of AUCloud is in the advanced stages of an executive search for a Chief Financial Officer to fulfil this role on a permanent basis.